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Boost your conversions and

Your small business needs a professional digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals - whether that's getting the word out about your brand, boosting your sales, or simply showing up and adding thought leadership to your vibrant industry. 

Welcome to Copybean - Your curator of  fresh digital marketing content and tips! 

Grab a seat and stay awhile...I'm so glad that you're here!

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The Heart Behind the Brew

It's so nice to meet you. Are you ready to start building your brand's voice together?

Hey! I'm so glad that you're here! 

My name is Christina, and I entered the space years ago hoping to make a difference in the trajectory of small businesses around the world. 

Together, we'll work together to build your brand voice and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that unifies your messaging and boosts your engagement. 

Are you ready to start killing it?! 

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Why Digital Marketing?

Enjoy Return on Investments for Years to Come

In a world full of noise, you need fresh and clear copy that will set you apart from the crowd. 

Our marketing services will...

  • Provide you tailored SEO solutions that will increase your ranking in Google 

  • Give you clear brand offers that will turn your leads into conversions 

  • Create platform optimized copy over major platforms for your niche and business 

  • Provide ongoing support as you form your marketing strategy

We Love Our Clients

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We specialize in small business strategy across all niches: B2B, B2C, Finance, Recruitment, Tech, Coaching, Application Development, Agencies, and much, much more.

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"I love the attention to detail Christina had in my project.  She made sure to really study what my upcoming event was and nail the copy so as to get people to really want to sign up!"

Renee B.

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"Amazing experience, very professional, excellent communication, perfect article structure, and presentation! You really can't ask for more! Thank you for helping me with this project! I am looking forward to working with you again!"

Jay M.

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"Amazing, amazing, AMAZING! Hellocopybean is an amazing writer who wrote the entire blog in less than an hour. Will be ordering from her again. Highly recommended. Please use this service for whatever reason you have. Thanks so, so much!"

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accessible marketing solutions

every business deserves to be heard

I've founded Copybean with the hope that I get the privilege to tell your story - and capture the very essence of your passion behind your business, your passion, or your journey. 

Because of this, I am proud to announce that we are offering flex pricing as businesses recover from the impacts of the pandemic. 

Head on over to our Pricing area to learn more. 

I can't wait to connect with you!


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What type of copy do you specialize in?

I have extensive experience creating copy for content marketing assets (blogposts & infographics) as well as creating fresh and relevant social media copy. I draw my inspiration from the brands of now, such as Lush, Chipotle, and the thousands of America's small businesses that want to share their brand offering with you!

Can I buy on a monthly basis? (i.e. social media content)

Absolutely. The best way to arrange a plan that works for you is to email me directly at so I can draw up your specific needs into a content plan template - which you'll get to keep and reuse (forever!)

Do you have a set price list?

Because of the pandemic and the flurry of businesses being launched, I like to sit with my clients and create a flexible plan that works for them. Contact me if you want more information about any of our services or packages!

What do you do besides Copybean?

I'm a working mom, wife, and student. I love to read and enjoy art (of all kinds!) photography, and cooking basically anything from scratch. You can usually find me people watching and sipping brews in coffee shops along the California coast.