The Top Tool for Freelancers for All Things Contracts, Proposals, Billing, & More!

Freelancing is hard work.

It's made even harder when we spend our valuable hours where we could be working and earning on administrative tasks...or worse, determining legal verbiage to cover ourselves as we draft our first proposals, our first contracts, or our first invoices.

Then, comes the step of developing your CRM (Client Relationship Management) system to keep your clients organized and allow you to market more efficiently.

Who has time for that as you scramble to deliver on all those orders?

Well, you do now!

Bonsai Freelance Suite has delivered the all-in-one software solution that allows you to manage your business seamlessly - on web and on mobile.

The sleek interface offers a light CRM system, an internal invoicing system, and customizable templates for your professional proposals, contracts, and invoices.

All of this comes in one perfect little package - and it's only $20.00 per month.

What's better?

You can get 2 free weeks on me via my link - and I had no idea they existed until I scoured the internet, searching for a solution.

This isn't just a "cold pitch." This is a product that I am absolutely in love with and am eager to share with fellow freelancers to streamline your processes and tighten your time management.

Let's go!

XO, Christina

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